Quantum 365

作者 Bytes Software Services

Industry leading platform to provide insights to 365 usage and drive cost savings

Quantum for Office 365 offers unrivalled visibility across your desktop estate. This innovative tool enables you to cut costs, boost security and organise user data effectively

Visibility across your 365 environment

  • Process and support for JML (joiners, movers and leavers)
  • Current license agreements with license cost and additional products
  • 3 year view of the licenses you've bought, allocated and used
  • Ongoing usage analysis
  • Spend forecasts and cost savings
  • Premium license allocations and usage
  • Detailed Office 365 apps and user activity information

  • Why Quantum for 365?

  • View user activity and behaviour
  • Eliminate wasted licenses, cut costs and optimise investments
  • Better budgeting and spend forecasting
  • Improve ROI by identifying licenses with little or no usage
  • Clarity when right-sizing current and future renewals
  • Boost governance and compliance with security policies
  • Helps you negotiate license renewals with confidence
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