CALYPS Saniia V2

作者 Calyps SA

CALYPS Saniia : AI and Big Data solution for optimizing planning and scheduling in hospitals

Saniia is a disruptive solution in that it upends the way planning & scheduling (P&S) has been traditionally done. Because of its application of AI (in the form of its proprietary algorithm architectures) to big data, it is able to generate far more accurate predictions than traditional, less effective, statistical methods typically used today (+/- 50% accuracy) to 80++% accuracy. It is much more precise and faster than the often used “gut feel” and even experienced based decisions of humans. Importantly, CALAI builds up to generating prescriptive outcomes, effectively meaning: “now that we know, this is what we should do”. It uses the totality of a client’s internal data as well as external data of relevance to generate its outcomes, volumes that methods to date simply cannot handle. These features and levels of accuracy lead to game changing improvements in P&S, which affects all areas of activity. This application is available in English, French, German and Italian.