Claned Digital Learning Platform - Skill them all

作者 Claned Group Oy Ab

Claned is a modern and data-powered LMS/LXP solution for all your online learning needs

Claned is a modern and smart Digita Learning Platform and the world’s first solution to directly measure learning impact on an individual and organizational level; a crucial feature for any organization today. We deliver you three distinctive services in one package, which can be deployed immediately.

  • Learning design automation with analytics support which intuitively guides course creators to create highly engaging and effective online learning experiences. Engagement leads to better learning outcomes and is often neglected in digital learning deployments.
  • An intuitive, visual and engaging learning platform UX that lets users interact and collaborate in context on all types of learning materials increasing engagement and efficiency further. No need to learn how to use the platform.
  • Advanced learning analytics powered by AI for measuring progress and impact of learning on both an individual, organizational, and even nation-wide level. Integrations are available for HR/CRM or PowerBI type of tools for advanced correlation and learning impact analysis.

Turn training and competence development activities into your future competitive edge. Skill them all.