Trade Finance Transactable


Automates Trade Finance Operations and Compliance Screening is an enterprise ready platform that enables banks to launch products rapidly, while delivering unforgettable customer and employee experience.'s ClearTrade leverages advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve effectiveness and efficiency of Trade Finance Operations and Sanctions Screening processes, enables our clients to improve throughput by up to 70% and significantly minimizes risk by reducing false positives and missed red flags.

The Solution’s ClearTrade enables intelligent extraction of information from multiple document types like Letter of Credit, Bill of lading, Packing List, Commercial Invoice, Certificates of Origin etc. It automatically validates compliance against UCP, ISBP, LC conditions and bank/country specific rules. ClearTrade provides a simple intuitive workbench for analysts and makers/checkers to process trade transactions. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems including Sanction Screening and TBML systems using APIs or embedding a web UI.

Product Features

  • Automated classification, extraction and validation of information combining layout & position-based learning with natural language understanding from trade presentations and MT 70X /4XX series of Swift messages
  • Automated reconciliation against UCP and ISBP
  • Integration with industry leading Sanctions Screening and TBML products
  • Ability to configure bank/ region specific business rules
  • Automated interpretation of Letter Of Credit conditions using NLP

Benefits of ClearTrade

  • Up to 70% productivity increase
  • Significant reduction of false positives in sanctions
  • Identifies potential TBML red flags that could have been missed out.
  • Improved risk coverage & compliance