CloudMoyo Pricing Application

作者 CloudMoyo Inc

Accelerate your quoting pipeline with an Azure-native pricing tool

Meet the needs of your growing business and empower every salesperson with the CloudMoyo Pricing Application.  With this application, you can eliminate efficiencies in generating quotes, moving away from time-consuming, manual approval processes and enhance efficiencies and collaboration. Automated features speed up the customer sales process and quoting pipeline. Being built on Azure, your company can leverage a quick-to-deploy and adopt application that will provide the technological components to enhance security, scalability, and maintenance. 

Pricing Application features: 
  • Standardize quoting with templatized quotes to be created, saved, and reused 
  • Central repository for quote storage without storage, capacity, or distribution restrictions 
  • Cost estimation, and project revenue and margin estimation 

Benefits delivered with implementing of this Pricing Application: 
  • Empower sales teams to meet new demand with an accelerate quote pipeline process 
  • Accelerate approval processes 
  • Boost quote velocity 
  • Strategically spend more time engaging with business prospects