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Introducing Concierge: Streamline Your IT Service Management for Optimal Resource Utilization

Concierge is a cutting-edge, web-based IT Service Management application designed to revolutionize resource allocation for your organization. Through our user-friendly ticketing system, end-users can easily create Service Requests, allowing your IT staff to manage the creation and deployment of resources efficiently and effectively.

Say goodbye to the chaos of manual, email-based resource requests. With Concierge, your organization can establish customized policies for automatic approvals, routing for deployment, or a review process before approval. Integration with Active Directory enables approvals based on group membership, user's manager, or specific roles within Concierge.

Experience unparalleled flexibility as Concierge adapts to your organization's unique review requirements, implementing tailored policies based on resource type, requester, or other filtering options. Maintain complete transparency into the review and approval process, eliminating wasted resources and aligning with your organization's goals.

Resource lifespan management is a core feature of Concierge, preventing unused or forgotten resources from draining your budget. Set a predetermined lifespan, and users will be prompted to confirm ongoing need or authorize resource removal, ensuring efficient resource utilization.

Concierge's robust policy management system encompasses:

  • Resource creation
  • Modification
  • Transfer to another user
  • Lifespan extension

Effortlessly create and apply policies with our intuitive interface, automatically activated upon Service Request submission.

Ideal for organizations of any size, Concierge offers comprehensive reporting features to track resource ownership and usage, as well as cost allocation for larger organizations with departmental or group-based accounting. Minimize unnecessary IT spending and gain valuable insights into your resource allocation.

Stay connected with seamless integration to popular applications like Slack and Microsoft Teams (in development). Receive notifications and interact with Concierge directly from your Slack or Teams client, streamlining your workflow for maximum productivity.

Transform your IT resource management with Concierge – the ultimate solution for efficient, accountable, and flexible IT Service Management.