Video Coach (AI)


Practice and scale your sales pitch with Video Coach AI - with instant feedback from AI.

The Video Coach AI app is the perfect vehicle for users to re-evaluate their approach to activate customers. The tool allows you to practice i.e. a sales pitch and get real time performance data to use for self evaluation. Entries can be submitted to managers or peers who can provide direct feedback. The tool allows you to:

  • Provide learners the feedback they need to improve their sales and communication skills
  • Adjust learning paths based on performance
  • Predefine keywords learners must mention in their entry

Video Coach AI has demonstrated artificial intelligence at its best with a digital platform to drive engagement through intelligent coaching using Artificial Intelligence. The tool does not only provide increased opportunity to purposefully practice the execution of a brand strategy with consistency but also gives the opportunity to provide concise, direct, and timely feedback to a team member.

The feature is part of the CONSENSUS CONNECT engagement platform that enterprises can be customised in naming, branding, and integrations. The Video Coach AI model can be trained on company specific product portfolios, naming, and scripts and fully integrates with Microsoft Cognitive Services that supports up to 100+ different languages.

  • Video recording
  • Text transcription from more than 100 languages
  • AI words recognition
  • Real time data
  • Direct feedback from manager or company experts
  • Create customised assignments to specific users
  • Exercise library
  • Share your favourite exercises and responses
  • Scalable to everyone from startups to enterprise

Use-case: A sales organisation would like to equip the sales force to deliver high quality sales presentations:
  • Admins or Managers can assign exercises to sales reps
  • Reps will receive the exercise and can record practice videos of themselves, perfecting their sales pitch
  • The AI solution - powered by Microsoft - will transcribe the words said in the video, register and display desired keywords, calculate a score and show other useful stats in real time
  • When the rep feels ready, they will submit their exercise response to the manager
  • The manager will be able to watch the submitted video, review all data provided from the AI solution, and record video feedback for the sales rep. The manager can also ask the sales rep to retake the exercises or complete follow-up eLearning.

Other possible use-cases:
  • Train speakers in delivering a good presentation
  • Use the tool in your hiring or onboarding processes
  • Coach employees across departments
  • Empower employees ahead of sales meetings, and increase probability of sales and new customer wins