Buy more visible ads by using machine learning

作者 DataSentics s.r.o.

Increase the efficiency of your advertising. Improve your KPIs and turn advertising data into value.

Many enterprises in the field of and not limited to banking, telco, insurance, retail, e-commerce, media, and marketing invest a significant portion of their budget into digital advertising on the internet. By doing so they obtain unprocessed raw data. The overall mission of Adpicker is to help automate the collection of such data and then using artificial intelligence and/or machine learning to further improve and optimize ad purchases. This process will increase the efficiency by a minimum of 10% up to 50% on average. Using the acquired processed data you can easily personalize a website and your CRM marketing. This product is best suited for the head of digital marketing and advertising, digital managers, marketing and media managers or simply anyone with the thrill for innovation.