BNY Mellon ESG Data Analytics Application

BNY Mellon

Guides the creation of investment portfolios customized to individual Clients’ ESG preferences.

The ESG Data Analytics application provides a cohesive framework across data vendors and taxonomies for Asset Managers, Asset Owners, and Security Issuers to leverage ESG data strategically as an asset and to align individual ESG expectations to investment offerings and portfolio content. The application is designed for ESG investment portfolio managers, research analysts, financial advisors, client reporting teams, securities borrowers and lenders. Built on the Microsoft Azure cloud as a part of an open ecosystem of complementary solutions, ESG Data Analytics addresses the three core challenges to scaling sustainable investment: 
(1) The need for customization to reflect individual ESG preferences 
(2) The manual intensiveness of sustainable investment screening 
(3) The absence of commonly accepted sustainable investing standards


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