作者 Enterprise Computing Limited

An insurance mobile application.

Enterprise Computing, a technology organisation, together with Microsoft Corporation has introduced a digital insurance solution in the African market. The app addresses challenges in the industry which leads to significant revenue losses as a result of issuance of fake insurance policies and certificates. The app also introduces convenience by allowing customers to purchase and verify policies from their phones. With smartCover, policy issuance and payment have now become a fully digitized functionality. Agents can onboard new customers, generate quotes, receive payments and issue certificates with all parties receiving notifications in realtime. Reconciliation of motor sticker sales have become a fully digitized process thereby eliminating revenue losses as each sticker issued is digitally tracked. For customers of insurance companies, an artificial intelligence feature, a chatbot allows them to interact with insurance companies at all hours instead of the usual working hours. Sticker purchased can be verified from the app as well as claims initiation.