E-Library Management System


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Unify and manage Libraries and control the borrowing and reservation processes.

The Electronic Library Management System is composed of two main Modules: 
  1. Library Management System which consists of one main centralized library back-end usually available on-premise and accessed by internal users to add and manage the library (adding books, processes, approvals, follow-ups etc.. ).
  2. Electronic Library Portal which is a public portal can be accessed by citizens, teachers, school staff members, children, and their parents etc.. This portal contains information about the library, and an electronic replica of a library, allowing these users to borrow books electronically.
Both modules are built with responsive modern design.

The solution is scalable and can flexibly grow based on its usage. The main purpose of this portal is to create an interaction with the community and employees of the entity with its support for scientific research and motivation for creativity and innovation and its contribution to instilling national identity and values of society. 

Every library will provide to its users (students, student’s parents, teachers and school staff members) the credentials to login into the portal. 

The application is available in English, Arabic and French.