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Expensya offers an all-in-one solution to manage business expenses for companies of all sizes.

Expensya is a web & mobile expense management software for companies and accountants. Available from computer (via web browser) or Smartphone (iPhone, android, Windows Phone), Expensya allows its users to add their expenses no matter where they are.

All an employee has to do is to take a picture of his receipt and our Smart Scan feature will instantly extract all the important details it contains (Value, Expense Category, VAT, Payment instrument, Date... ). The expense report will be quickly created and ready to be sent to the Manager then to the Accountant to ensure reimbursement. Expensya adapts to the needs of its different customers: Freelancers, SME or Large Entreprises. All the uploaded data is archived in Expensya's Cloud.

The manager is then notified about new refund requests and all they have to do is validate the expense report, no paperwork effort is needed. All calculations are automated. All accounting entries are simplified with the "Export" feature available in different formats.

Expensya can also be synchronized with Accounting Software to save your team and your accountant time and effort.

Travel Expenses, Mileage Expenses Expensya allows you to classify your expenses clarifying the difference between them. Expensya is built to manage travel expenses.

You can for example customize your mileage expenses when you're setting up your tool. When traveling abroad, Expensya will manage your currency conversion.

Because Expensya aims at optimizing the customer's experience, companies are able to set refund limits with the "Expenses Policy" feature. If you have employees abroad, you can setup their currency and receive their expenses in the currency of your country. The application also generates useful statistics to help you analyze your company's expenses and see if the policy in place is being respected or not.

Flexibility and Savings with online expense reports

Expensya represents a cost-effective solution which is constantly evolving and adapting to your company's needs.

Expensya offers customized quotations for specific requests and advises clients on their strategy to implement an expense management solution. User data is stored, saved, and duplicated in highly secure data centers in Europe. Expensya offers you all the serenity, security and time savings you need on a daily basis in your company.