EY Space for Earth

作者 EY Global

Earth observation made easy

Solution overview:

EY Space for Earth is a first of its kind, easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require a PhD in geospatial data science. The tailored insights produced by EY Space for Earth help users to make better decisions ahead of time and drive better outcomes for businesses.

Current and upcoming features of EY Space for Earth include:

•Landcover mapping: helps companies improve their asset management approaches and decisions and is critical for the successful operations of many businesses.
•Object detection: automatically identifies and classifies assets or items of interest shown via satellite imagery.
•Proximity detection: creates deeper and actionable insights such as tracking encroachment of vegetation across vast rail networks.
•Water anomalies: identifies water anomalies, indicates leaks from burst pipes or tracks water pooling on roads and critical infrastructure.
•Fire management: classifies vegetation health, tracks burn scars and identifies active fires to assist authorities in planning and helping in managing emergent situations.
•Satellite tasking: allows users to place orders on demand, to obtain satellite imagery of their chosen area of interest and preferred date.

Solution benefits:
•Working collaboratively, the water authority, Swinburne University and EY teams developed a proof of concept (PoC) using historical data, satellite images and computer vision approaches.
•EY teams explored an archive of 10m spatial resolution images captured by the Sentinel-2 satellite over a 12-month period looking for evidence of leaking pipes (or ‘water anomalies’).
•Several hundred water anomalies were detected in the images and further investigations were conducted by the water authority to validate if they were indeed related to known leaks.