Footprints AI for Gas Stations

作者 Footprints for Retail

The game-changing solution for gas stations looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Introducing Footprints AI - the game-changing solution for gas stations looking to stay ahead of the curve and secure their profitability.

As we all know, the profit model for gas stations is shrinking, with many struggling to keep up with the demands of an increasingly competitive market.

But what if we told you there was a way to turn this trend on its head and actually increase profits, all while gaining valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences?

That's exactly what Footprints AI does. Our AI makes use of physical customer behavioral data to drive growth and profits for gas station networks to become media players in 3 months instead of 3 years.

What exactly can Footprints AI do for your gas stations business?

- Launch your Omnichannel Retail Media offering in 3 months instead of 3 years.

- Generate 10x more profits from retail media, scalable and 10x faster.

- Know who all your customers are, beyond the 10% that registers their data into your apps or loyalty programs.

- Increase conversion rate, in-store traffic and sales more profitably using AI & location data.

- Discover new communities where to expand.

This results in lower costs, faster time to market and increased profits, giving you a competitive advantage.

Our AI technology uses in-store customer intention data to predict and influence physical shopping habits.

What customer intention data is? Well, it is the way each individual customer engages with your gas station. Beyond their purchases. This data says a lot more about who they are, what they want and what they need.

This is exactly how our data & AI technology understands, predicts, and influences the buying habits of customers. This is possible through indoor positioning, predictive models, and omnichannel targeting.

How can you do profits?

Big advertisers like CPG brands, automotive, insurance or other financial services, can pay 8 times and even 10 times more for their ad campaigns to target your gas stations visitors.

By using your retail media audiences they can use specific predictions around their physical shopping behavior and target their message during different stages of the customer purchasing journey: when they are at home, at work, traveling, nearby or inside your gas stations.

On top of this, for your business model optimization, we generate valuable insights into consumer shopping habits, their predictive behavior, and their marketing channels of most engagement.

You can use these insights to increase efficiency and Return on Ad Spend on your own media investments and save up to 50% on your media budget while driving more traffic and bigger sales.

What are some practical examples?

- Reach out today to the customers that are most likely to get into a specific gas station or shop tomorrow.

- What are the top 20 purchase intentions of my high potential value customers that didn’t


- Target the undecided with the right reason to switch.

- Direct paid media campaigns only to those customers that are most likely to engage with them.

- Who’s going to be visiting my gas stations tomorrow, when and what are they most likely to buy.

What you can achieve and what’s in it for the end customer?

1. You need to increase frequency of visits: the customer will get a recommendation with a price offer and an optimal time to refill based on traffic conditions, earlier than they usually do.

2. You need to increase purchase value per visit: the customer will get a bundle offer automatically generated with alternative to their daily purchases from other nearby retailers.

3. You need to increase convenience: the customer will get a complete shopping mix of goods they need and a price offer with savings as a reason to make one trip to your gas stations for most of their household purchases.

As a retail media player, with Footprints AI you will be able to provide a paid-for ad service to other brands so they can have their goods or services included as part of these timely and highly relevant recommendations. More value for the customer. More value for the advertisers. And more profits for you.

With Footprints AI, your gas stations business can tap into this new source of very high profits.

Launch your Omnichannel Retail Media offering in 3 months and generate 10x more profits. All while improving the efficiency of your own media investments.