FRISS Claims Analytics

作者 Friss Fraudebestrijding BV

Real-time AI-powered claims fraud detection for P&C insurers.

Claims segmentation and Touchless Claims with AI-Powered Insurance Fraud Detection

Use AI-Powered Fraud Analytics

As 97% of your customers are sincere, why should they suffer from processes to find the 3% dishonest people? With FRISS, sincere customers can be serviced swiftly, whilst high-risk claims are automatically flagged for further investigation. A hybrid detection model combines AI, instant-on standardized fraud indicators, analytical models, predictive models, external data sources, network analysis, and insurance expert business rules, to screen each claim during the claims process. The solution can be seamlessly integrated with core insurance platforms, so you can focus on your daily tasks.

Actionable and Explainable AI

Our AI-Powered Insurance Fraud Detection software automatically detects suspicious claims, reveals networks, and discovers hidden patterns. Safely automate your processes, while leveraging transparent predictive models and text mining.

Enable Claims Segmentation And Improve Customer Experience

Use automated fraud detection in your claims processes to reduce the number of false positives and score your claims in real-time. Immediately reduce your number of referrals to SIU, process honest claims instantly, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Safely Enable A Straight Through Process

Payout genuine claims faster to improve your end-to-end customer experience. Mitigate risks with uniform and data-driven screening to maximize accuracy. Automatically detect suspicious claims. Safely enable straight-through processing.

Seamless Integration Into Any Core System

Our SaaS business solution has been successfully implemented at 175+ insurers in 40+ countries, providing instant ROI. FRISS integrates seamlessly with Duck Creek, Guidewire, Sapiens, Keylane, and many other core systems, creating a straightforward and efficient process for automatically and consistently analyzing claims according to your risk appetite. This results in a minimal impact on your IT resources.


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