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Engage hybrid teams by fostering trust & transparency with Good4work on Microsoft Teams

Our easy-to-use team engagement software fosters trust, increases employee retention by boosting virtual teamwork without hindering productivity.

Why choose Good4work?

In a hybrid or virtual environment, if you don't get to know your team members, show appreciation, and play to people's strengths, it quickly leads to trust issues, dysfunctional teams, or burnout.

Good4work is a Team Engagement Software for Hybrid or Remote environment to build high-performing teams through a culture of trust supported by routines. At the same time, it provides insights about teams and people for a fair performance review. It works from where you are, including Microsoft Teams.

Like a thank you message, or a kudo badge, simple things carry more weight and foster a high-performing culture of trust if you do them with intention through easy team engagement routines.

With this add-on, you can:

    • Recognize one or more team members for their strengths and positive impact by sending them a kudo/badge for their skills or soft skills.
    • Onboard by welcoming one or more team members or showing appreciation by sending a thank-you note that doesn't get lost along the way.

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"In these times of disruptive change where a new hybrid work model has been thrust upon us, organizations are changing their team management models. Good4work helps create constructive cultures of trust by improving and enabling interpersonal communication, continuous feedback and recognition, allowing us to break down silos and shortening the distances between people that positively impact the achievement of superior results." Juan Luis Fernandez, Executive President