VAAST For Founders

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100% FREE Tools to revolutionize the way founders raise capital

100% Free Tools for Founders

Introducing VAAST,®(Venture-As-a-Service-Technology) an award-winning end-to-end platform that revolutionizes the way founders raise capital. Showcase your business strengths, tap into a vast global network of investors, and manage your fundraising journey from incorporation to securing e-signatures from investors. With VAAST , you can confidently navigate the complex landscape of fundraising so you can focus on what truly matters – realizing your business vision. ​

AI-powered analytics

Data-driven comparative analytics, including our proprietary Hatcher+ Opportunity Score, Impact Profile Score, and valuation projections

Cap Table Management

User-friendly, intuitive platform for managing a startup's equity distribution and communicating with investors

Data Room

Securely store and share documents with investors, including pitch decks, due diligence reports, and company profiles

Fundraising CRM

Manage and track interactions with potential investors, monitor fundraising progress

Online Portal

Tools to create a detailed company profile, showcase business plan and financial projections, and highlight growth potential and ROI

Task Manager

Simplifies task management - create, assign, and track tasks for various organizational functions, including fundraising.

Access to 40,000+ Investors Globally

Including leading accelerators, and angel groups - and the Hatcher+ H2 early-stage investment fund