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A personal digital workplace for Viva Connections, SharePoint and Teams.

Ichicraft Boards allows users to personalize their digital workplace in Viva Connections, SharePoint or Microsoft Teams. It offers the user a canvas that can be filled with configurable widgets (blocks) that clearly display up-to-date and personalized information. This increases the productivity and involvement of employees in the organization.

Key features

  • Personalization: Whether you’re using Viva Connections, Microsoft Teams or SharePoint Online, Ichicraft Boards helps your users get access to just the right information themselves.
  • Improved engagement: By showing information that’s relevant and up-to-date, users will return frequently to catch up, improving the overall engagement with your organization.
  • Guided onboarding: First-time users are guided through the most important features of the product. Configure widget bundles to offer users an easy way to get started with a pre-configured set of widgets.
  • Clear overview: By showing small blocks of condensed information, we make sure users get a clear overview of what’s important to them.
  • Seamless integration: Ichicraft Widgets integrates seamlessly with both SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams. Put the Board on your existing homepage, add it as a personal app to Teams, or do both.
  • Effortless installation: Installing Ichicraft Boards is easy, just follow the steps in our installation wizard and get up and running in no time.
  • Make it fit: No two companies are the same. That’s why Ichicraft Boards is configurable to make it exactly fit your needs.
  • Extend: Take Ichicraft Boards one step further by adding custom widgets you built yourself, allowing users to interact with your line-of-business software!
  • Quick Launch: The Quick Launch button offers users a simple handle to open the widget board from anywhere within the intranet without leaving the page they’re viewing.

Our widgets

Our ever expanding set of ready-to-use widgets offers a great way to roll up important information! Currently we offer the following widgets:

  • Outlook: Your upcoming meetings of today
  • Teams: View and navigate to the teams you've joined
  • OneDrive: Access your files and photos
  • Tasks: Manage your tasks from Todo and Planner
  • Birthdays: Never forget your colleagues birthdays anymore!
  • My favorites: Quickly get to your favorite webpages
  • My followed sites: Directly visit the sites you are following
  • Power BI: Add your favorite PowerBI tiles to your homepage
  • App Launcher: Launch your favorite applications right from your digital workplace
  • News: View news articles published in SharePoint sites you follow
  • Events: Aggregates all the events from the sites you are following
  • External feed: Add external rss feeds to your homepage and combine them in one widget
  • Azure DevOps: Directly access workitems from Azure DevOps
  • People Search: Search for people you work with
  • Saved for later: Shows the items you've saved for later
  • Embed: Embed anything and host it as a widget

We’re working on more widgets as we speak, so stay tuned for more widgets…

Build your own widgets

It doesn’t have to end with the widgets we offer! Why not build your own custom widgets to interact with your line-of-business software to reach the product’s full potential? Through our Yeoman templates you can create a widget in minutes!

Deploy to Teams

From the Widget Board Administration it is possible to create your Personal Teams Package and deploy Ichicraft Boards as a Personal App in Teams.