Inquizity Metanoia

Replenishment Planning creates a responsive system that reacts rapidly to the needs of the market

The Replenishment Planning system marries the external Supply Chain Inventory with the Production / Procurement. 

Replenishment Planning allows the creation of a responsive system that reacts rapidly to the needs of the market, such systems ensure high degree of service levels with the customers while simultaneously maintaining low levels of inventory across the Supply Chain

After the Production plan gives the finished goods schedule which shows how the supply side inventory is likely to get built, the replenishment planning comes into picture. It takes into account the expected demand in the coming days/weeks, the current inventory in the various locations including in transit inventory, the supply side expected inventory from Production Plan / Purchase Orders.

  • Statistical methods to dynamically and continuously calculate Reorder points at different levels of the Supply Chain
  • Continuously checks the inventory against the Reorder Points
  • Creates the Replenishment Plan Order considering Dispatch Frequency & Inventory Replenishment Strategy
  • Such inventory from Factory / mother warehouse is dispatched to those depots/hubs that most need it
  • In addition, the tool allows for categorization of different types of SKUs so that different Dispatch strategies can be adopted


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