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Real-time collaborative wiki and knowledge management app for your organization's content

IntelliWiki provides a markdown-supported text editing interface to create, edit, and save documents for your organization. This knowledge management app is ideal for meeting notes, documentation, or similar repositories of knowledge shared by a team.

IntelliWiki supports several features absent from similar offerings, such as real-time collaborative editing, image uploading, automated table of contents, per-page revision history, and search for wiki content across all of a user's teams. Its real-time collaborative editing allows multiple users to work on a wiki document simultaneously.

IntelliWiki integrates directly into MS Teams and is available within the MS Teams store. During their free 30-day trial, users have access to the expanded features available in IntelliWiki Enterprise. When their trial ends, users can opt to purchase an IntelliWiki Enterprise license to keep the benefits of their expanded features or continue with the free version of IntelliWiki which is more limited.

Visit for product information, or see the list of features and pricing tiers below for IntelliWiki.

Highlighted Features

  • Collaborative editing
  • Inline Comments
  • Automated Tables of Contents
  • Image Upload
  • Markdown Support
  • Text Editing
  • Dark mode
  • Tables
  • @ mentions for
    • Microsoft Teams users
    • Uploaded files
    • Wiki pages
  • Page Searching
  • Revision History

  • Free
    • 1 wiki per team channel
    • 2 pages per wiki
    • 1MB of text
    • 10MB of images
    • 2MB of text
    • 20MB of images
    • 100MB of text per org*
    • 1GB of images per org*
*Up to 10 users
  • IntelliWiki Enterprise ($2.00 user/month)
    • Unlimited wikis per team
    • Unlimited pages per wiki
    • 5MB of text
    • 50MB of images
    • 1GB of text
    • 10GB of images
    • 5 read-only users per paid seat*
    • Additional 1GB of images per paid seat**
      *Paid seats provide editor access, 5 additional read-only users are included with a paid seat
      **Up to 100 paid seats