Chime Hosted MS Teams Service Desk Sept

作者 INVITRIX, LLC dba Instant Technologies

Chime for Microsoft Teams provides a conversational service desk for employees - includes bots

Chime for Microsoft Teams provides a chat based service desk using Microsoft Teams and other bot channels.  Service desk agents have access to real time language translation, standard replies, chat history, and Azure QnA.  Chats route to service desk agents using either hunt routing, broadcast routing, or based on a chat workflow determined by the queue.  

Chime uses the Microsoft Adaptive Card service in order to provide a great looking conversational UI - and these adaptive cards are configured based on the event, or stage, of the chat conversation.

Employees seeking help access the service desk via their Microsoft Teams client (attached to the left side navigator) or via a bot channel.  
A web client is also provided to make the service desk available via a portal
Managers manage and monitor the service desk queues using interactive dashboards.  Managers can monitor the real-time chat activity of each queue, enable and disable service desk agents, run more than 30 reports, and update the conversational text responses of the queue or the chat work flow.
This is a hosted offering provided by Instant Technologies.
Integration with language translation, sentiment analysis, and bot framework bots is also provided.

Customers using our service include:
A customer who wants to provide their employees with access to their service desk using Microsoft Teams
A service desk provider who want to connect their service desk team (agents) with a customer via a service desk contract
Many of our customers connect their service desks, located in other areas of the world, with their employees around the world.  

Customer Needs:
Provide employees access to service desk agents using Microsoft Teams
Connect with self service bots in order to help employees resolve common issues
Provide chat based workflow to route the employee to the correct service desk or collection of agents
Track and monitor all service desk activity taking place via the Microsoft Teams, bot, or web chat channels
Provide managers with reports such as average speed to answer (ASA), agent activity, agent satisfaction ratings, inbound v answered chats