Blue Yonder Factory Planning and Scheduling

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Bring higher intelligence to production planning and scheduling for single or multiple plants

For highly configurable products such as automobiles and industrial equipment, each order can reflect a different combination of product features. These order variations effect assembly line efficiency, especially if process and cost control are not monitored. For example, in the automotive industry, each changeover of the paint tool results in fixed costs to the company, as well as environmental costs. And manual order sequencing schedules fall short because they take too long to produce and update, fail to consider the many constraints on production and lack the flexibility to test scenarios before they are implemented.

Manufacturers are quickly realizing that with a more user-driven business environment, teams will require faster, broader and more responsive ordering and scheduling capabilities. Blue Yonder’s factory planning is a powerful set of capabilities that improve order-to-delivery processes for discrete manufacturing of configurable products. Built-in optimizers and operating constraints ensure that orders are scheduled in the most strategic manner to maximize the productivity of both upstream and downstream processes. Factory planning provides a highly scalable engine that enables your business to strategize, plan and execute assembly processes across multiple facilities for profitable production and high levels of customer satisfaction.

Blue Yonder has been providing manufacturers with leading-edge planning capabilities for decades. We’ve produced results for more than 500 manufacturers across different industries in more than 38 countries around the globe. Manufacturers can now leverage the entire digital fulfillment planning platform to power their digital supply chains, and achieve even greater benefits, ease of implementation and lower total cost of ownership.

Blue Yonder combines the world’s leading forecasting technology with market-leading network design, sales and operations execution, inventory optimization, master planning, replenishment planning, order promising, factory planning and collaboration capabilities, converged with a common data model and interfaces to enable integrated manufacturing planning in the cloud. All components work together with enhanced analytics and provide critical inputs to streamline workflow and enable optimum performance unlike any other in the market.