Leaflet for Microsoft Teams: Automate legal documents.


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Leaflet allows users to quickly generate, collaborate, and customize legal documents.

Generate, collaborate, and customize your legal documents without leaving Microsoft Teams.

Whether you work at a business law firm – large or small – or in a corporate legal department, Leaflet is designed to simplify your work. Our flexible, fully customizable system is seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams and requires no programming. It allows you to quickly build high-integrity, reusable forms — even complex, multi-document ones — and share them securely with clients.

Key features and benefits:

Leaflet for Teams allows users to create permissioned controlled, custom document templates that ensure users start with the correct document and ensures users can only changes variables based on your internal positions, policies, and stances. You can:

· Work in Word as you always do

· Watch your answers update the document instantly

· Switch between multiple deal documents

· Build your preferred clause library, insert anywhere

· Publish your documents easily for client intake and business use

· Integrate with DocuSign, iManage, NetDocuments, Salesforce and more

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Using Leaflet for Teams Customize and Clause Library empowers your team to bring automation and playbooks into every aspect of the drafting process.

• With Leaflet for Teams you can draft documents significantly faster, increasing the time you have available to spend on high value matters.

• Leaflet’s permission-controlled Templates give you peace of mind knowing that your teams are only using the most up-to-date, compliant version of a document.

• Using Teams allows you instant access to your documents anywhere, and everywhere.

Start your automation journey with Leaflet:

Generate documents quickly and easily from Automated Questionnaires.

Print, Email, or Send documents for eSignature directly within Teams.

Access your documents anywhere, anytime.

Control which users can access which documents with easy to use permission controls.

Important Notices:

Leaflet for Teams requires an active Leaflet Subscription.

Sending documents for eSignature requires an active subscription with an eSignature Provider. LeafletSign is added by default.

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