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LeanIX SaaS Management Platform (SMP)

LeanIX SaaS Management Platform (SMP) helps members of the SaaS Center of Excellence discover, optimize and manage SaaS applications like Microsoft Office 365.
LeanIX Saas Management Platform easily integrates with a wide variety of enterprise sources with all leading single sign-on, cloud access security broker (CASB), financial, expense management, contract management, HRIS, and credit cards systems to discover and track all SaaS applications including business-led IT
It also delivers deep insights into application spend, usage and adoption through custom-built integrations to 100+ key SaaS applications
SMP’s key functionalities include SaaS spend breakdown and trend analysis, automatic budget alerts, application engagement analytics, renewal calendar, user lifecycle management, license consumption analysis, right-sizing, and contract consolidation.
Organizations using LeanIX SMP have access to powerful insights which leads to accurate budget forecasting, more efficient user lifecycle management and contract consolidation, and stronger overall security enforcement.


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Discover, optimize and manage Software-as-a-S