Adopteq eLearning Plus by ClipTraining

作者 Adopteq AB

A self-service eLearning solution for Microsoft 365 to keep your users up to speed and productive!

Enterprise organizations want to maximize their investment in Microsoft 365 and need a more effective approach to deploy training and drive usage adoption. Adopteq provides a self-service, on-line library of over 5,000 task-based training videos and enables administrators to tailor specific learning paths for different job roles and utilize gamification awards for proactive learners. PLUS, it runs inside Microsoft TEAMS.

Deploying a self-service learning will help drive the adoption of Microsoft 365 and other Microsoft technology platforms more successfully than the older e-Learning methods that force users into drawn out curriculums of long training modules where their knowledge retention is minimized.

IT organizations are also looking for a broad set of continually updated training videos that can be deployed in an easy-to-use online library to enable an effective training platform, or why not also upload your own content?

As an admin you want to be able to follow up on the Adoption initiatives that you launch, with Adopteq that is a no-brainer, get access to and create your own learning path and follow up on your users progress and improvement.