Mluvii - the multichannel communication platform

Mluvii is a platform that serves as a tool for multi-channel online communication with customers in three ways - web, mobile app or point of sales. Mluvii offers communication via chat and audiovisual channels and additional features such as collaborative co-browsing, smart routing, engagement system, callback function or Facebook Messenger integration.
The combination of our product, know-how and advanced technology makes Mluvii a suitable tool for TC and enterprise contact centers. Mluvii is built on synergies of the latest WebRTC, REACT, .NET Core 2.X technologies, enabling online connections through all browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, Edge, Internet Explorer and more). Besides, it offers connectivity to company’s internal systems, whether it’s cloud, on-premise or hybrid data storage as Mluvii uses Microsoft Azure. Moreover, a chatbot can be used in Mluvii as Microsoft Bot Framework’s integration is utilized in the system while Microsoft Cognitive Service tools enhance the level of communication. Last but not least, Mluvii can be easily integrated into mobile applications through SDK library.