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Reminders for Microsoft Teams

Never forget a thing. Remind yourself or your team members of important meetings, to-do items or even birthdays. Set personal reminders, group chat reminders or channel reminders. You can even set recurring reminders (e.g. a team meeting every Monday at 9am)!

Easy to deploy, easy to use. Best Teams APP ever! Divan du Plessis on AppSource

"I love this app! We use it in our contact centre to set reminders when communication needs to be sent during production incidents, we use it to remind team members in a team chat when tasks are due and also in groups when reminders are needed between departments[...]This app has become an essential part of our day-to-day activities and don't know how we ever managed without it."

Add the reminders tab to chats or channels

Manage all reminders for a chat or channel in the Reminders tab. Easily set complex reminders for yourself or others using the powerful scheduling interface. You can even add this tab to Outlook or Microsoft 365 so that you can set a reminder for yourself without switching to Microsoft Teams!

Set a reminder

Chat with the bot directly or @ mention it in a chat or channel. Simply use the pattern "[what]"[when] to set a reminder, e.g.

  • "Send newsletter" in 20 minutes
  • "Call Jennie" at 3:45pm
  • "Send report" at 13:15
  • "Send annual report" on Aug 15
  • "Discuss current revenue numbers" on 13 March at 9am
In a chat or channel simply @ mention the bot to set a reminder for everyone to see:

  • @Remind "Server maintenance" on Mar 31 at 8pm
  • @Remind myself "check this again" on Monday at 9am
Time zones are also supported, e.g.

  • "Standup meeting" at 3:30pm IST
  • "Conf call" on 13 February at 10am GMT
Set recurring reminders

Here are some ways to format the [when] portion of a recurring reminder for yourself, a group chat or a channel:

  • "attend the team meeting" every Tuesday at 11:00
  • "daily standup meeting" every weekday at 10am IST
  • "turn in expense reports" on the 25th day of every month
  • "turn in all reports" on the last day of every month
  • "update server" every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday at 10am
For more reminder examples please visit

Set a reminder from a message

You can set a reminder for yourself from any Teams message. Remind will send you a reminder about the message at the time of your choosing and no one else in your team will be able to see it.

  1. Click the ⋯ icon while hovering over a message
  2. Select More actions > Remind me about this
  3. Choose a timeframe from the list or select Custom to set your own

Use the "list" command to view your current reminders and mark them as complete or simply delete them. Click a reminder to jump back to the conversation.

After setting a reminder the bot will confirm date and time back to you using your current device time.

For more details about how to use this bot and to see all supported date and time formats please visit

You can use Remind for free if you stay within the limits of the free plan. Find details about plans and pricing at