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Authentic is an intelligent transaction-processing platform designed for today’s fast-changing payments business. It has become the payments engine of choice for issuers, acquirers, payment service providers, ISOs and merchants around the world.

Part of NCR’s Banking software suite, Authentic unlocks amazing consumer experiences across physical and digital banking channels. As the business of payments continues its rapid evolution, and innovation becomes the key to survival in a competitive marketplace, Authentic is there to help financial institutions put their customers at the heart of their business. Whether it is adding mobile payment and eCommerce capabilities, building a multichannel payments solution, creating a payments hub or developing omni-channel payment services, Authentic allows them to deliver great customer-focused services now and in the future.

Target Markets

  • Key countries:  International with key countries of focus being NAMER, UK, North Eastern Europe and France, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru
  • Buyer persona(s):  The target market for NCR’s Payments solutions are tier 1 and 2 banks (roughly 1000 institutions around the world), processors that serve these financial institutions (e.g. First Data) as well as merchant acquirers and fintech’s.