DictumPro AI Predictive Operation and Maintenance


Predictive-prescriptive solution for improved industrial process and asset operability

Improve the efficiency of your operations and value of your industrial assets by:

  • detecting or predicting the occurrence of industrial process disruptions and facility outages
  • evaluating their criticality for achieving your planned operational performance and the risks for safety and facility integrity
  • prescribing optimal prevention and contingency measures, which seamlessly complete standard procedural framework, in full compliance with current regulations.


  • real time anomaly detection in process and equipment performance and functionality;
  • intelligent instantaneous diagnosis of process and equipment problem;
  • real-time monitoring of large number of processes and equipment, capturing the anomalies and operational problems;
  • dynamic real-time criticality and risk determination & ranking of detected problems;
  • precise causal analysis with fast determination of degradation and failure modes;
  • analysis and determination of optimal prevention or contingency measures to be undertaken against a degradation or failure mode
  • accurate failure or degradation prediction for process performance and equipment reliability;
  • prescriptions triggered by detections and predictions alerts.