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VOICE INTELLIGENCE FOR ENTERPRISE SUPPORT Insights to improve QA, agent coaching & Voice with AI.

Observe.AI #1 for Enterprise Support.
Voice Intelligence is an agent-first solution that enables personalised coaching and provides greater transparency around performance. Real-time call analysis is pushed to a live feed so you can provide rich contextual feedback. Our industry-first SpeechNLP™ platform provides new levels of visibility with deep analysis of combined audio and text streams. The result is richer and more accurate signals, even in the most demanding call center environments. *Go Beyond Transcripts* Perform a deep analysis of audio and text streams with our proprietary SpeechNLP. This helps you detect sentiment and tone of voice. Provide richer coaching on key call moments, such as openers and closers. *Actionable Insights* Our AI surfaces topics that trigger a positive or poor Customer Experience so you can replicate top agents' behaviors. Frequent mentions, shifts in data, and anomalies are automatically flagged so you can dig deeper into the most meaningful Voice of Customer insights. "Built for Contact Centers" Automate tedious Quality Assurance tasks on day-one, including surfacing the best calls to QA and monitoring compliance. Access off-the-shelf analytics, including dead air, hold time, and more at the individual and contact center level. *About Observe.AI* Observe.AI is the most accurate, agent-first voice AI Platform empowering call centers to deliver next-generation customer experiences and agent coaching. The only platform in the world built specifically for call centers, Observe.AI analyzes both speech & text to provide businesses with richer customer insights with its proprietary SpeechNLP technology.

Observe.AI is trusted by more than 50 global customers and partners, including Concentrix, Talkdesk, Mitel, Microsoft, Sysco, Employee Bridge, John Paul, GroupOne Auto and many other large enterprises. Backed by Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator and Emergent Ventures, Observe.AI's headquarters is located in San Francisco with an office in Bangalore. For more information, visit