Ombori Grid


A single platform for all in-store digital experiences

The Ombori Grid - a platform for digital experiences in physical spaces. Today, Ombori Grid provides ready to use solutions for digital screens and mobile devices in-store, but it’s real superpower is the re-usable architecture and how quickly we can create something completely new.

Every experience is crafted with our library of templates and components, using a data-model that makes it easy to connect to the retailers own infrastructure. This ensures that we can move fast and focus on the customer instead of reinventing the wheel.

Using Azure IoT, Ombori Grid is able to reliably manage devices in the rough retail store environment. By moving a lot of intelligence to the edge, we make sure that things keep working even in case of network glitches.

Our CMS, the Grid Console, allow you to manage all kinds of digital experiences in the store from a single web interface. For example, when managing a digital sign you can edit the playlist and set content triggers, such as what to show when a product is picked up by a customer. On an endless aisle, you can instead set current offers and campaigns.

Our clients can also create their own apps that run on top of the Ombori Grid. We call this “Media Templates”, and they are easily created using any web framework, such as React or Angular, and they integrate seamlessly with our CMS.

The Grid Console also provides a dashboard to track the usage of all experiences and a health overview to monitor availability of the devices. Enterprise security requirements is at the core of our platform. Using federated login and role-based access management, we keep the information secure and our users are able to log in using the same corporate credentials they use everywhere else.

The Ombori Grid is the result of a close collaboration between us, Microsoft and our clients.