Career Compass Application

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Career Planning & Career Strategy tool provides customized course recommendations and roadmap

What is this solution about? 
Career Planning & Career Strategy tool that analyses user's career interests and makes intelligent customized course recommendations and roadmap. This is a tool that works in tandem with your Human Capital Management and Learning Management systems. Career Compass is an AI & ML based SaaS platform that helps individuals create personalized career development plans.

Who is this solution for?
With Career Compass, you can empower your employees to realize their career vision. Your team members enhance their careers, by advancing their talent by gaining new skills. Our platform can enable you to motivate your teammates to achieve their career vision. Your team members use the Career Compass platform to develop their career roadmaps, thereby enabling them to achieve their career aspirations while you get valuable improvements to your business productivity. 
There are too many options when it comes to selecting the right skills, training, and learning content when one wants to progress in their career. We distill and match the right courses to the candidates' up-skill and aspirational requirements. We provide a platform with simplified interfaces at the same time leveraging Azure Machine Learning to chart the optimal roadmap.