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Quickly create illustrated comics, storyboards, and custom characters.

Pixton is an award-winning comic creation platform that enables learners to develop essential writing and critical thinking skills. Pixton also:

  • Engages and motivates even the most reluctant learner.

  • Develops multimodal communication skills while establishing deeper connections to the subject matter.

  • Builds positive social and emotional skills by providing facial expressions, gestures, and body language options that can be combined with text.

  • Strengthens vocabulary and grammar while improving overall writing skills.

  • Reflects the diversity of its users by providing options for skin color, hair, clothing, back- grounds, and culturally relevant assets.

  • Employs a simple click-and-drag interface, speech-to-text, and other features to ensure that comic creation is accessible to everyone.

  • Provides content packs that align with many of the themes found in the most popular literacy and language arts programs.

  • Provides a safe and secure environment, fully compliant with student privacy and protection laws.

  • Builds knowledge through carefully curated content and supporting activities.

  • Includes a library of amazing content suitable for all ages, subject areas, and interests.

  • Works on any device.

Students log in with their Microsoft accounts and start by creating their avatar. There's a class photo included for free in all accounts.

  • 200+ theme packs

  • 4,000+ backgrounds, outfits, props, poses, and expressions

  • Lesson ideas and templates

  • Printing and downloading

  • Canva, Powerpoint, Slides plugins

  • Printables to use in class

  • Comic creator for students

  • Unlimited classrooms

  • Unlimited students

  • Class photos

  • Content filters