Planet eStream

作者 Planet Enterprises Ltd.

Planet eStream is a powerful and secure video content management platform.

Planet eStream is a powerful and secure video content management platform that supports key digital technologies commonly deployed by education organisations. These include lecture capture, live streaming, video-based learning, digital signage, photo management and more. This vast feature-set creates one central platform that supports an organisation's digital media requirements.

For many organisations, working towards digital media strategy goals is ongoing. New legislation and emerging technologies also mean that the digital landscape is constantly evolving, so it can prove challenging to current and work synchronously. It is, therefore, common to find organisations with many disparate systems to support. This leads to…

  • Increased staff overhead
  • Reduction in productivity
  • Multiple subscriptions
  • Increased costs

Planet eStream offers one central platform that enables staff and students to easily create, manage, share, and deliver media content to streamline and enhance teaching, learning and communications.

Why do customers use Planet eStream?

  • Create a secure media library to manage all their media content
  • Achieve GDPR goals
  • Create and distribute video-based learning resources
  • Record and stream lectures and lessons
  • Provide access to educational resources
  • Provide remote learning tools
  • Live stream key events
  • Digital signage delivery
  • Manage photos and images
  • Enhance VLE and LMS platform with enhanced media support
  • Share video-based learning resources via Microsoft Teams

Over 2,000 organisations globally trust Planet eStream for their secure media platform requirements. We believe in a partnership-based approach and enjoy great collaborative relationships with our customers, some of whom have been with us for over a decade. We listen to customer requirements, track evolving technologies, and implement a forward-thinking approach to our development process.