Customer Link

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Turn your customer data into smarter action in real-time

Customer Link is a customer data platform built to provide a holistic consumer profile. Combining disparate data with PwC’s AI and Machine Learning models, the platform creates a robust and integrated view of individuals, households, and segments of consumers. Customer Link further allows you to build and activate personalized, real-time, omni-channel customer engagement.

Turn customer data into smarter action

Deliver personalization, quickly - Take advantage of a real-time view of your data to better understand your customer’s needs and behavior, so you can engage exactly where and when it’s needed, delivering value to your customers and organization.

Overcome blind spots - Complete the view of your customers and prospects with Customer Link’s rich data model of individuals and businesses, along with reusable analytics designed to augment your organizations decisions. 

Turn customer data into a valuable asset

Know your customer - Better insights for customer action using holistic 1st & 3rd party data and accessible analytics.

Scale with technology - Overcome the complexity of martech with ready-to-use data analytics and marketing tools.

Measurable ROI - A data-driven approach providing more transparency into spend, channel and customer engagement performance.