Questica Budget for Local Government

作者 Questica

Azure-based Budgeting Solution for Local Governments

For over 20 years, Questica been working with government agencies to better enable data-driven budgeting and decision-making, while increasing data accuracy, saving time and improving stakeholder trust. Hundreds of public sector organizations across North America have eliminated spreadsheets using our Questica Budget suite to drive budget transformation by creating a single source of data truth.

By seamlessly integrating with an agency’s existing financial, ERP and other systems, Questica Budget is an easy-to-use, comprehensive and collaborative cloud-based solution for operating, capital and salary budget preparation and management. Questica Budget includes: multi-year planning, forecasting and analysis, workflow, role-based security access, amendment tracking, and performance measurement and reporting. Our Questica OpenBook solution is a transparency and data visualization tool enabling organizations to share and communicate their financials and other data that is often hidden in printed reports and/or complex spreadsheets. Users can easily find out what they want and need to know about plans, projects and issues in their community with OpenBook’s robust searching and filtering options. Questica’s OpenBook Project Explorer visualization for Capital Budgets allows organizations to display on a map every infrastructure project, including the budget, actual spend, funding sources, and accompanying documentation, images, video, etc.

Additionally, Questica’s OpenBook and Budget suite also integrates with leading budget simulation tools, such as Balancing Act, to promote and support deeper two-way stakeholder consultation and engagement. While Questica Budget Book, powered by CaseWare, is a user-friendly tool that allows government agencies to create, collaborate on and publish their annual Budget Books with ease.