ZeroTime for Teams

作者 Replicon Inc.

Replicon's ZeroTime™ platform for Microsoft Teams

- This application should be installed by your Company's Microsoft Teams admin.
- On installing this application for Microsoft Teams, this would be available to all your ZeroTime™ enabled users within your organization.

Integrate your Microsoft Teams seamlessly with Replicon's ZeroTime™ platform to streamline your daily activities. This application uses Replicon's ZeroTime capabilities to capture your Microsoft Teams events details such as title, date & time, attendees, duration etc. and creates an accurate timeline of your day. Our application works with all the ways you use Teams, like scheduled meetings, impromptu calls, adhoc group calls ,etc.. Whether you use Microsoft Teams on a browser or mobile , our application will harvest the meeting details automatically and create a curated view of your events on the ZeroTime platform. Leveraging our machine learning and AI capabilities, the ZeroTime platform recommends some of the attributes for your Microsoft Teams events (meetings) such as a "Project" or a "Task" like Magic!. This can be used for automatically populating your timesheets, with minimal to no supervision. We use global standards of encryption and storage practices to keep all your data safe and secure. At Replicon, we believe that privacy is a fundamental right and we build all our applications with user privacy and data protection at the core.You are always in full control of your data.

- Automatically know when a meeting or event was scheduled on your Teams calendar.
- See Meeting details such as title, participants list, location, time and other useful attributes.
- Continuous learning ML and AI capabilities to help build your time line effortlessly.
- Account for all meeting interactions you have had using Microsoft Teams with highest accuracy without having to schedule them.
- Seamless integration into Replicon's timesheet and view your pre-populated timesheet.

Did you know? This application is free with your Replicon product license. For further details, please contact Replicon Support.