Metro Scheduling and Workforce Management

作者 Retail Manager Solutions Limited

Create Optimised Labour Schedules based on your unique business requirements with Metro from RMS

With Metro's Scheduling and Workforce Management module, you can say goodbye to rigid, one-size-fits-all algorithms when it comes to labour scheduling. Instead, you'll have access to a flexible and effective toolset that optimises scheduling drivers based on your specific location and business activities. With multi-currency support for hours and costs, including NI, holiday, and sickness costs, you can stay on top of all your workforce expenses. Plus, with key KPIs based on labour match, cost of sale, and productivity objectives, you'll have all the information you need to make informed decisions and increase both productivity and profitability. Metro Scheduling and WFM module includes the following elements/modules:

Availability, vacancies, schedule alerts, optimum manning requirements, base rotas, re-use rotas, and budget control.

• Easy-to-use scheduling
• Base rota/re-use rota
• Clear plan vs. spend
• Visibility throughout the hierarchy
• Employee self-serve
• Ability to share employees across locations

• Easy to create great schedules
• Share resources and expertise
• Week-to-date compliance
• 12% improvement in sales per man hour (predominantly due to increased sales)
• 8% improvement on budget vs. actual spends

Why RMS and Metro?
RMS provide retail, hospitality and healthcare teams with software to help manage their multi-site businesses more effectively. Designed to support Operations, Compliance, HR, Project and Marketing teams, Metro enables your business to plan its own unique journey according to its own special requirements whilst at the same time removing the need for a patchwork of disparate applications.
Developed by RMS, many of the best-known retail, hospitality, and healthcare brands trust Metro each day to connect, engage and empower their digital workforce and manage their multi-site businesses more effectively. Metro Scheduling and WFM is one of a suite of solutions offered by RMS from within Metro operating off a single technology stack from within Microsoft Azure. Metro's cross-functional digital workplace has been a catalyst for change, improved efficiency and profit margins for retail, hospitality and healthcare operators globally.

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