SAS® Analytics for Education: Research Insights

作者 SAS Institute Inc.

Capture highly competitive research and grant funding while amplifying research outputs.

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SAS® for Academic Research Insights provides a unified solution that empowers researchers and enables universities to better manage the research lifecycle by leveraging institutional knowledge, technologies, and models, thus accelerating research innovation. Our approach drives successful collaboration through the dissemination of existing analytic resources, accelerates data-driven insights, helps universities capture highly competitive research and grant funding, and amplifies research outputs.

Researchers can easily access and share datasets, code, analytic models, data visualizations, and reporting templates with other researchers – within and across research labs, departments, and institutes – while maintaining necessary controls over sensitive data. SAS approaches the problem by providing technology and industry leading analytics experts to help build a Research Data Analytics Hub to support the research project lifecycle through:

Data Access – Streamlined data capture, security, and access from a centralized Hub location at the institution. Users can view and interact with their own data, and with permission can view others’ data, and publish and share metadata for the broader research community.

Centralized Analytics and Data Control – Design a flexible yet secure research analytics environment using pre-built data governance, data management, data quality processes and services to support the research lifecycle across the enterprise.

Collaboration and Transparency – Support the research enterprise by enabling data sharing across the institution and other contributing institutions or public/private partners. Prepares relevant data in support of existing research projects and new grant generation.

Integration with Open Source – Leverage current data and analytics with seamless integration across R, Python, and SAS, including the ability for researchers to access SAS compute resources from open-source programming languages and web applications.

Optimization and Prediction – Development of scenarios and models to have a broader impact on society, such as improving community health outcomes, guiding data-driven public policy, creating early warning systems, and more.

Cloud Flexibility – Deploy SAS’s cloud-native platform in any cloud or take advantage of SAS’s strategic partnership with Microsoft to leverage capability and storage in Azure to speed time to insights.

Business Impact

SAS helps researchers and research institutions across the enterprise to remove data challenges and advance the frontiers of innovation. Increasing accessibility to research and analytical resources across the enterprise enables faculty and students to move through the research lifecycle more efficiently. This increased efficiency brings concrete benefits to the university:

Funding – Increases availability of data—and leverages existing data resources-- to make grant proposals more competitive and increase funding awards.

Research Insights – Provides cutting-edge analytics to uncover research insights.

Publications – Accelerates data analysis to disseminate findings in peer-reviewed publications and other outlets.

Broader Impacts – Facilitates technology transfer (including patents and other Intellectual Property) to industry and broadens the societal and market impacts of research innovations.