SEAtS Schedule | Hybrid Academic Timetabling

作者 SEAtS Software

Create, or update, academic timetables for hybrid learning, clinical placements & apprenticeships

With SEAtS Schedule all timetable and placement events can be updated for blended and remote learning, ready for academic timetabling in the new normal.

Simplify the planning of blended learning classes with all the tools you need to import, update, and create new classes. Whether you want to quickly populate an entire semester of classes with pre-populated Team/Zoom links, schedule work experience, or deliver personalized student timetables straight to Outlook or a Smartphone calendar, Schedule's extensive functionality makes academic timetabling easy.

Key Benefits

  • Support multiple delivery tools but helps you encourage transition over time on preferred platforms like Microsoft Teams.

  • Import and transform old timetables into blended learning schedules that reflect latest public health advice.

  • Create a schedule and push sync and async teaching events to Canvas and other leading LMS systems.
  • Give timetabling and estates teams many hours of their time lost on rekeying and updating timetables back.
  • Improve the student and staff timetable experience.
  • Help deliver a safer, more efficient, and sustainable campus through better use of teaching spaces and less paperwork.

SEAtS Schedule has decreased the time clients spend creating and uploading student schedules by 93%, from 2 weeks to 1 day. SEAtS Schedule works with your old timetable system or as its own solution, depending on your institutions specific needs which we are delighted to explore with you.

Key Features

SEAtS hybrid academic timetabling solution allows you to:
  • Import and combine old timetables and placement rosters from any system.
  • Edit, Delete and Create new events as required
  • Bulk update entire timetables with Teams and Zoom event details.
  • Update room capacities for social distancing.
  • Plan and create new timetables for blended and hybrid teaching and learning
  • Schedule work experience, clinical placement, apprenticeships and more.
  • Synchronizes the latest personal timetables to staff and student calendars in Outlook, Microsoft Teams, Gmail, and their Smartphones.