Sigma Catalog

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Enterprise commercial product and technical service catalog and lifecycle management application

Sigma Catalog is the commercial product and technical service catalog and lifecycle management application that defines your business and makes product, service and resource data available across your enterprise to accelerate product innovation and increase revenue from new business models.

Sigma Catalog brings order and efficiency to the most complex but vital area of the business – your product portfolio, the source of your market differentiation and profitability – with immediate impact on cost, quality and customer satisfaction.

Sigma Catalog is a structured data management platform that maintains and exposes the relationships between products, services and their component parts. New products, product variants and versions are created from validated and pre-tested product components, dramatically cutting the time needed to build, test and launch new market offerings.

Full Product Data Control - Control every aspect of how you create, sell and deliver products from a single point, with a framework for best-practice lifecycle management activities across the design, build, launch, in-life management and retirement flow of the portfolio.

An Active Catalog- Product, service and resource data is structured, rationalized and made accessible to any system, making products easier to develop and test, configure and launch, components easier to adapt or replace, faults and errors easier to address in a single place with immediate effect across the business.

Omni-everything - Deployed in the cloud or on-premise, Sigma Catalog in the unified data repository for all your physical and digital products, online and digital market channels, enterprise and consumer markets, simple and complex propositions.

Reduced Time-to-Market - Sigma Catalog simplifies and accelerates product management, bringing vital agility and responsiveness to your business. Introducing clarity to the product management space makes products, services and their components easier to understand, adapt and configure, and confers considerable ‘first mover’ and ‘first responder’ advantage in addressing new market opportunities and competitor initiatives.

Lower Cost-to-Market - Sigma Catalog is a highly-rationalized data store. The amount of product information needed to manage the portfolio is considerably reduced, along with the operating costs needed to manage disparate data stores. The complexity of business processes can be reduced and an optimal reference architecture made easier to achieve.