Simplifai Archiving Solution

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Leading the AI Revolution in Data Archiving and Accessibility

The digital Archiving Solution is a revolutionary AI-powered tool designed to streamline the process of data archiving and accessibility. It offers an effortless archiving system that automates the classification and indexing of emails and documents. The solution ensures secure data storage in an organized and searchable archive, enhancing accessibility for both employees and customers.

Key benefits of this solution include:

The solution supports businesses in managing the increasing volume of emails and attached documents, ensuring proper, responsible, and legal archiving. The solution is validated for use in public institutions and is recommended as a decision support solution. With its pre-trained language engine, it becomes capable of identifying what must be archived. By leveraging archiving automation, businesses can optimize operational efficiency, leading to increased productivity. In this way, it helps administrators to select which correspondence to achieve and enter into the public record.

The solution ensures data security and privacy with GDPR and ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant software, following a 'privacy by design' approach.

About Simplifai :

Simplifai delivers AI-powered solutions to streamline operations by automating the processing of written communications. We empower businesses with our AI-powered automation platform that can read, extract and respond to customers inquires, applications, claims etc. in full compliance with GDPR and industry standards. Our no-code SaaS solution simplifies the way people work.  This results in enhanced customer experience, engaged employees, and improved company performance. Through our AI-powered automation solutions, we are pioneering Future Work, Today.