#stratapp - strategic and daily work in one app

作者 #stratapp Pty Ltd

Making strategy execution successful and day to day work aligned and simple

#stratapp is an affordable every-employee SaaS app that solves the disconnect between leaders and teams by allowing everyone to collaborate on strategy execution, with structure and context. #stratapp brings together strategy, plans, KPIs, ideas, risks, tasks, meetings and projects into one seamless user experience.

#stratapp adds value to the client's investment in Microsoft Teams and is built on the highly scalable Microsoft Service Fabric architecture, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Clients elevate business performance, productivity and culture, whilst becoming ready for the next generation workforce.

#stratapp suits all industries across SMC, and progressive divisions within Enterprise. The buyer is usually the CEO, COO or CIO, commencing a 3 week trial of 10-100 people, followed by progressive org-wide roll-outs over 3 months. #stratapp solves strategy execution with an org-wide app, without the sales barrier of displacing existing technology.  In fact, #stratapp's roadmap will add more value to the existing ecosystem of B2B SaaS.