Stratsys Strategic planning

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Align everybody's work towards your strategies, create engagement and real-time overview.

Accelerate growth and strengthen your strategy

Define your strategies and align your teams towards your objectives. With Stratsys Strategic Planning you can increase collaboration and improve engagement across your organization. Stay ahead with real-time overview and make the right decisions, at the right time.

Bring your strategies to life

Visualize your strategies throughout your organization and create transparency, clarity and focus. Create engagement on every level in your organization and align work in order to reach your objectives faster.

Focus on objectives and manage workflow

No matter if you work centralized, de-centralized or horizontally Stratsys helps you manage your workflow. With transparent objectives, you create engagement and alignment for all employees in your organization. 

  • Create objectives for every part of your organization
  • Prioritize, manage deadlines and assign responsibilities
  • Connect activities to strategies
  • Make real-time adjustments

Enhance collaboration

Create a shared workspace within your organization. With Stratsys Do-Board and Meetings, which are always included free of charge, everyone has the right tools at their fingertips.

  • Create individual and shared Do-boards
  • Allocate responsibility, create sub-activities and move tasks as they progress
  • Comment status and communicate with each other in real time
  • Get a quick overview of today’s to-dos with automatic reminders

Continuous follow-ups and analyses

Enable continuous development and strengthen your analysis with a clearly defined workflow. Follow up and drill down in real time to improve your results.

  • Follow progress in real time in relation to your corporate objectives
  • Get all your relevant data collected for your analysis
  • Use the data to stay ahead and be proactive
  • Easily export data and analyses as read ready reports