Arm Pelion Connectivity Management

作者 Arm Cloud Services Inc.

Simplified global cellular IoT SIMs and secure device provisioning integrated into Azure IoT Central

From the manufacturers creating IoT devices, integrators architecting bespoke solutions and enterprises using Azure to deploy devices at scale, seamless global connectivity unlocks a world of possibility.

IoT deployments are inefficient and un-scalable without simplified connectivity management. With one global roaming SIM, one global contract and a fully managed service integrated into Azure, Pelion Connectivity Management offers a simple solution to the complexity of IoT connectivity.

Unlock the value of IoT with a connectivity solution fit for scale:

  • Flexibility - a choice of network providers and wireless technologies, giving you the right connectivity solution to achieve the value you seek.

  • Simplicity - quick and easy to deploy thousands of connected devices anywhere in the world.

  • Cost-efficiency - minimal time and resources spent negotiating contracts and ensuring your devices stay connected.

  • Security – global roaming SIMs come pre-loaded with X.509 Certificates and trusted keys needed for secure authentication and connection to Azure IoT Certified devices.

Designed and built in close collaboration with Microsoft, Pelion Connectivity Management help you profit from fast growth IoT opportunities in manufacturing, connected spaces, energy and utilities, transportation and logistics.

Interested? It’s simple to get started

1. Get in touch

Click the ‘Contact Me’ button above to let us know your requirements. Our starter packs contain 10 worldwide SIMs each and can be ordered with data plans from 5MB/SIM monthly and higher to meet your goals. Our commercial team will guide you through the landscape of technologies, agree commercials that suit your business and order your SIMs.

2. Link Accounts

Through one simple click, connect your Azure IoT Hub with your Pelion Connectivity Management portal.

3. Billing

Receive a single monthly invoice for all your connectivity, without the burden of having to source regional and national connectivity through multiple network operators.

4. Unlock Opportunities

Seamless, secure, global connectivity unlocks a world of possibility across connected products, connected field services and smart logistics. Our Azure experts can help you unlock that opportunity.