Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring

作者 T-Systems International

T-Systems Hyperscaler SLA Monitoring is a unique tool to monitor all your Hyperscaler SLA daily.

Customer challenges:
•Securing critical workloads
•Fulfilment of regulatory demands: transparency of cloud usage and control of hyperscalers
•Search for an easy-to-use tool for efficient and independent monitoring
•Customers have individual IT landscapes and hyperscaler in use
•All hyperscaler are build differently and have different requirements
•Customers need to monitor their individual IT infrastructure and save reports for multiple audits

•Closing the gap in hyperscaler service portfolio
•A daily refreshed SLA Monitoring Report showing the availability of all the individual services of multi-cloud environment
•Support to make sure that hyperscaler provide promised SLA´s for critical workloads
•SLA Monitoring is proofed solution in the market and helps clients saving money
•The solution can be implemented very quickly but is also optimized and individualized for the specific customer demands
•Increases trust in your company because customers benefiting on higher SLA and SLA availability