TCS Inventory Allocation

作者 TCS - Consumer Goods

Automated order fulfillment and business rule based inventory allocation for market channels

TCS Inventory Allocation Solution enables better customer service through collaboration of CPG companies & their downstream supply chain partners. Inventory Allocation is a technology agnostic, modular, scalable & configurable solution that provides Supply Chain Transformation with its wide range of solution features. It improves supply chain KPIs such as Inventory Days on Hand, and Case Fill Rates.

As CPG manufacturing and retail companies look at resilient performance, they need to be able to absorb market demand fluctuations and distribute their inventory efficiently based on rules defined by their business execution plans across markets. A platform that automates these processes and enhances the inventory replenishment process with market intelligence is imperative for CPG companies embarking on their digital journey.

In addition, the lack of insights to channel partners on daily demand and the lack of clarity on the reasons for non-fulfilment of replenishment requests are affecting the operational efficiency of the distribution channels and supply chains of these enterprises.

TCS Inventory Allocation is an effective inventory distribution and order fulfillment solution with features such as market channel order management, business rules-based inventory allocation and root cause analysis to business users on non-fulfillment of request. It is a customer-friendly solution that offers complete visibility to planning and execution teams for tracking the case fill rate, inventory, and distribution throughout the supply chain.

TCS Inventory Allocation helps in effective management of product mix and channel mix, thus ensuring placement of right products in right channels.