Pavement Express

作者 Trimble Inc.

A ready-to-use pavement management solution tailored to city and county needs.

Managing streets and sidewalks just got easier with Trimble’s AgileAssets® Pavement Express™, a turnkey pavement management system for public works agencies.

Based on the industry-leading AgileAssets software used by national and state governments for more than 25 years, Pavement Express is a streamlined solution tailored to the needs of local governments.

With Pavement Express, you can quickly identify the location, attributes, and construction history of your pavement sections. You can also get insights into the condition, trends, and performance of your pavement network. Unlike other solutions out there, Pavement Express is the only solution for local governments that enables true optimization. That means you can identify the optimal mix of projects to meet your agency’s performance goals and maximize the impact of your infrastructure funds.

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