Open Innovation Platform (OIP) for Banking

作者 Virtusa

Virtusa's OIP promotes a culture of innovation by partnering banks with curated FinTechs.

The platform incorporates Design Thinking and Agile Development Principles, which assist organizations in the reduction of the costs associated with innovation. The users of OIP can leverage the browser-based workbench to validate Proof of Concepts (POC) & build Minimum Viable Products (MVP). The MVP assets can then be used for the build out of Commercially Viable Products (CVP). The OIP comes bundled with a comprehensive set of tools that helps foster next-gen solutions using next-gen technology. Virtusa will deploy all required software components and setup the following: 1. White Labelled Landing and Home Pages 2. Organization Onboarding process flow 3. Problem Statement Onboarding & Catalogue 4. Solution Onboarding & Catalogue 5. API Catalogue 6. API Onboarding 7. Swagger based API Console 8. Training Module & FAQs 9. API Security Models 10. Virtusa’s proprietary synthetic database and corresponding process & system APIs