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VRdirect makes joining the metaverse easy by enabling easy and scaleable VR project creation

Are you a mid-sized or a large enterprise trying to take advantage of metaverse opportunities - but the creation of VR projects has been too complex and too expensive so far? Then VRdirect is the easy, flexible and cost-effective solution for you to create & share VR projects at scale.

VRdirect enables enterprises, agencies and content creators to create, manage and publish Virtual Reality projects with internal teams. The easy-to-use VRdirect platform offers an intuitive workflow which requires no expert skills. Virtual Reality projects created with VRdirect can be distributed globally to all common devices and metaverse ecosystems including smartphones, Virtual Reality headsets and websites. VRdirect can be utilized for a wide range of Virtual Reality use cases, including virtual tours, training & onboarding, marketing & sales or product visualization.

Key Benefits:

  • No-code and enterprise scale Virtual Reality platform

  • Most intuitive and flexible VR solution on the market
  • Works on all devices and across metaverse ecosystems

Key Features:

  • Create and collaborate on immersive VR projects with the VRdirect Studio
  • Share and update VR projects globally and in real-time with the VRdirect Cloud
  • View VR projects on web browsers, mobile devices and VR headsets with the VRdirect Player

What our customers say:

“VRdirect enabled us to present our product portfolio in a virtual environment, showcasing real use-cases that are usually inaccessible to clients.” - Rolf Unterberger, CEO at Cherry AG
Corporates like Siemens, Nestle and Deutsche Telekom use the VRdirect platform as integrated solution to internally create Virtual Reality projects and build cross-departmental Virtual Reality libraries. Join our great customer base to get your enterprise ready for the metaverse.

About VRdirect:

VRdirect is a software developer company, which operates a platform to create and publish Virtual Reality (VR) projects. By winning key enterprise customers over the last 5 years, we are striving to establish a de facto standard for commercial VR projects across VR devices and metaverse ecosystems. Become a first mover and achieve significant competitive advantage by creating cost-effective, impactful and scalable VR projects together with us.

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